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About Us


 • Price Precision Parts has been in business for

approximately 30 years doing all kinds of job shop

work. Whether you require prototype or production,

we are able to handle whatever is required.

 • With your challenge in providing quality, on time,

outside manufacturing facilities for your company,

we at Price Precision Parts offer all three.

 • What sets us apart? We are made up strictly of incorporated entrepreneurs who depend on the

success of the quality and service of every job we

do. We have no employees. Currently we have five partners who operate inside Price Precision Parts.

This arrangement affords our customers a very

unique opportunity with a total of 100 years of

machining experience. Our five partners are:

•John Price

•Sue Basiliko

•Leland Barber

•Jim Hohn

•Tom Ward

 • Every job that is submitted to us for quotation is estimated independently by each partner and then averaged to give you a competitive quote. Five

experienced manufacturing minds working together

under one roof making Price Precision Parts a leader

in the industry.

 • We have all tools and capability to complete your

work specification. We can also work with you in

engineering any parts or pieces which are giving you

trouble. We do reverse engineering as well.

• We are anxious to work with you and will be happy

to have you stop by to get acquainted and confer

on any work you might have available for


 • Located in Broomfield, Colorado USA






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• John Price

• Sue Basiliko

• Leland Barber

• Jim Hohn

• Tom Ward




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